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The progress of Universal Builders Botswana (Pty) Ltd is synonymous to the growth of Botswana as a nation. In its existence Universal Builders, as a wholly citizen-owned company has moved from strength to strength in construction and property development. Fulfilling its objective and aspiration, Universal Builders did not benefit only those who owned it, but has also become a service oriented organization. It is among one of the first privately-owned companies that address the country's acute housing shortage. It has been involved in the development and construction of several housing projects in Gaborone and Francistown. These houses have alleviated significantly the shortage of housing which, was and still is a challenge to acquire, particularly in Gaborone. It has invested in; the development of road-network, servicing of virgin plots that are then sold to the citizens, schools and universities, shopping complex and spaces for offices, warehouses, sporting and recreational facilities which are readily available to all who are contributing to the development of a healthy nation.

HOUSE TYPES In providing these facilities the company made sure the infrastructures that offer and provide comfort and Convenience to the public should go along with them. Houses range from 4-bedroom houses to one-bedroom bachelor flats. The majority of these houses have been rent-out. There are also houses that are offered for sale. Surveying and servicing virgin plots and offering them for sale to citizens is one of the projects that Universal Builders is involved with. The servicing of plots includes; water reticulation, installation of power lines for electricity, sewage system and telephone lines. Many of these lands were burrow-pits which the company through its expertise and modern technology managed to make good for any form of construction.

EDUCATIONAL FACILITIES To add its support and contribution of ensuring education for all Batswana, Universal Builders has provided large complexes for schools and Universities. Though investment in large magnitude is somewhat risky, particularly building a university which accommodates over 10,000 pupils, we have full confidence in the future of our ever-growing nation, that in our own humble way, we can make a difference in nation building as well as providing means for the young generation to excel in every stage of their lives. Universal Builders invested in radio station known as Duma FM as part of its endeavor to provide community services. Through programs which are informative, entertaining, thought provoking as well as educative, it lends much needed information and knowledge to the general population. We are always working towards increasing further the usefulness of the programs, particularly those that target the rural population of Botswana. The main purpose and sole objective of this radio station is to educate the nation and serve the community to our fullest potential.

SPORTING FACILITIES In Gaborone North the company has engaged itself with sporting facilities, especially a full-sized football ground which is constantly utilized by schools and other organizations. A nominal fee to cover the cost of the upkeep and maintenance of the sporting facility is being charged. Westgate shopping complex as well as another one called Universal Plaza in CBD are some of the projects that universalbuilders has embarked on in order to provide, for the convenience of the public in general the shopping, the banking and other facilities. The Universal Plaza is one of the main attractions of the capital city. It also will have under-roof parking facility.

Warehouses that we have built in several areas of the capital city are being utilized for storage as well as for small industries and superstores. Over two and half decades of interrupting in the construction and property development enterprises has imparted to the Company adequate experience and strength to enable it to deliver the services efficiently, professionally timeously and high quality..

Universal Builders staff strength comprises of seasoned professionals in the area of building construction, property management, building maintenance, finance and administration. In addition, we posses staff in various building and maintenance trades, and have significantly contributed to employment and job creation. Our team of experts have been involved in the management and construction of our various developments, and are equipped with modern methods, technologies, machinery and equipment.


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